Dear Anakin



Dear Aaron & Anakin,

Your great aunt passed away suddenly last week.  I want to write... 繼續閱讀

My sweet Anakin, you say the cutest things nowadays.
I've shared it on FB, but I feel compelled to keep a record here as a dairy for you.
This conversation happened in Charlottesville,... 繼續閱讀

Dear Aaron & Anakin,
I came across this poem today, shared by a friend on FB.
It was humorous, but most importantly, it's true.
I hope you will also keep the message in mind, "... 繼續閱讀

Dear Anakin,


Anakin: "媽咪,等我長大做爸比,你就變老阿嬤了,對不對?“
Anakin: "那這樣我就沒有媽咪了,怎麼辦?"

親愛的寶貝,媽咪永遠都是你的媽咪,就算媽咪 looking down from heaven... 繼續閱讀

2013-05-14 Tuesday


Dear Aaron and Anakin,


Mommy just started the training... 繼續閱讀

Dear Anakin,

突然開始聽到你的聲音。。。“Bear bear, what chu eat.  Lion lion what chu eat.  企鵝 企鵝 what chu eat. Hipo hipo what chu eat.  小鳥 小鳥 what chu eat.  Monkey monkey what... 繼續閱讀


2012-11-26 (Anakin 3Y3D)

Dear Anakin,


Your birthday was on Friday.  Mommy thought... 繼續閱讀

Dear Anakin,



... 繼續閱讀

Dear Anakin,

We just returned from a 5-day trip from Palau.  This was your first time on an airplane and you did rather well.  Even though you did sung a bit too loud on the... 繼續閱讀

Dear Anakin,

Mommy is so proud of your indecency that you have demonstrated lately.

根據“親密教養”的理論,當孩子“黏”夠了,有了足夠的安全感,就會安心的放手去探險這個世界。親愛的寶貝,... 繼續閱讀