Dear Aaron: Your responsiblness will carry you far~~


Dear Aaron,

你今天早上 5:00 就起床了,為了要幫同學完成他被處罰的班規抄寫。








Your action reminded me of myself in the many late night hours when I couldn’t finish a book report in junior high, a project in high school, a paper in college and grad school, even up to a power point presentation or excel financial model at work!


Many of the young people today lacked the commitment you had in following through.  Before college,many people complete their work simply motivated by the threat of “being punished by the teacher” or “being laughed at by their fellow students.”  Once these people enter college, all restrain breaks loose.  Professors no longer bother to give out punishment. There is no longer a “core classmates” as everyone has his or her own schedule.  No one will “laugh” at you for failed exams or missed work.  However, if you don’t do your work, you fail, simple as that.  Then these people grow up to enter workforce and face their job with the same irresponsible, passive attitude.  If they don’t feel like going to work, they don’t; if they dislike something, they quit.  These people will never amount to become a contribution to the society.  In fact, it would be lucky if they do not become a liability!


Nonetheless, my baby, you have proved yourself to be beyond that.  There was no materialistic incentives, no threats, no potential shame, just the simple fact that you’ve made the commitment.   So, my dearest Aaron, with this kind of responsibleness, I know you will do just fine~


- Mommy

(You are now 10Y11M…about three weeks to turning 11Y)