Anakin Said: "蛋... or ??"

My sweet Anakin, you say the cutest things nowadays.
I've shared it on FB, but I feel compelled to keep a record here as a dairy for you.
This conversation happened in Charlottesville, during our 2015 summer trip.
And you were writing... or attempt to write... and...

Anakin: 媽咪,"蛋“ 怎麼寫?
Me: “蛋"? e.g.g?
Anakin: 不是,是“蛋”的英文
Me: 對呀,egg, e.g.g
Anakin: 不是,是“寫完了”
Me: finished?
Anakin: 不是,是“蛋”
..... 過了很久,我終於懂了。。。"done"