Aaron 1st 運動會

On 12/1, my little Aaron attended his very first 運動會!!  I was so touched on how much my little baby has grown.  During the 開會舞, he really danced and actually rather well.  I’ve never seen him practice at home, but I guess he did learn something in school.  Watching my little dancer, my eyes were getting misty.  My baby, my little sweetie, how his growing slips before my very eyes.  He is still soft to cuddle and chubby to hold, but he’s fast turning from babyhood to boyhood.  How will I ever let go, that will be my hardest challenge yet.


While mommy is having such sentimental thoughts, Aaron was having a blast. He ran so well during 大對接力賽 and his team actually won… though, I am sure it was not exactly due to him…


Finding for the day is that Aaron doesn’t just play with anyone.  This little kid has already developed his own preferences on friends… though, interestingly, he seems to be more attracted to those who is particularly less friendly with him and more authoritative.  這小孩是欠扁嗎?  Or does he like the challenge to win over others… like his uncle Jack with girls?  Or, is he just simply clueless??!  During one of the games to play with a partner, a 小哥哥 wants to team up with him, but he just flatly refused. (媽咪很尷尬因為哥哥的媽媽就在旁邊)  Aaron insisted to team up with another 小姐姐, even though the girl just ignored him and stood next to the other girl she had intended to team up with.  When it was their turn, the小姐姐 got in position, Aaron just butt in and took the place of the partner’s seat.  Since it was a competition and all very chaotic, no one stopped him for cutting the line so he got his way.


You might think he likes girls more than boys, prefers小姐姐 over小哥哥… well, that’s sort of true, he does like to play with girls more, but even when it’s 小姐姐 vs 小姐姐, he still prefers 比較凶的那一個.  On a different occasion, we went to McDonald’s.  He was in the playground playing while mommy is reading newspaper on the side and only keeping half of an eye on him.  After a while, he came back with his little pouty face and say a 小姐姐 would not play with him.

Mommy: “姐姐為什麼不跟你玩.”

Aaron: “因為我咬她.”

Mommy大驚: “你為什麼咬姐姐?”

Aaron: “因為我是大白鯊.”

While mommy 很努力 trying to explain to Aaron the difference between reality and pretend play, another小姐姐 (around 1st or 2nd grade) came up and said “我給你咬,你跟我玩好不好?”  Before mommy was able to react to such “generous” offer, Aaron said “我不要咬你,我要跟那個姐姐玩.”  Mommy was just about to tell Aaron to be polite and friendly, the girl said “那我們交往好不好”…. Now, mommy is thoroughly shocked so we went to wash our hand to go home.  The girl followed us to the bathroom and said “你明天要再來喔,我等你”…. , mommy suddenly had the flash of Aaron at 18 with girls hovering about…


2007/12/1 運動會.  With 宣宣, Aaron's best friend in school.  They go to bathroom holding hands. 

2007/12/1 運動會.  With Kevin.  Aaron deflected the yellow team to the red, because Kevin is there. 

BTW, on 1/3, Aaron was eating jelly beans with Babi in the kitchen.  Babi then came to mommy, asking "為什麼 baby 要鴨肉的糖果" ... 爸比,我們是要 "yellow" 的糖果啦!!

2007/12/1 運動會.  With Kevin and school Santa.

Aaron: "媽咪,那邊還有一隻 santa 耶"....