Farewell, Primax China

This is my last time to Primax China.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I will miss it, but I do feel a bit of the sentiment.  Afterall, 8 years is a very long time, and I survived 3 factory heads!!


Those early days of traveling as a CD person, with Raymond and Johnny, to the bi-monthly reviews.  The time when I was still single and uncommitted.  I used to stay in HK before or after the trip, visiting and staying with Mark, shopping for my Italian pumps, going for dim-sums… ah, those were the fun days.


Then traveling under BU to accompany customer visits, always seriously sleep deprived on every trip.  Going to numerous foot massage joints, eating all over different restaurants… but, now I think of it, I haven’t make it yet to the all-famous karaoke place where you pay girls just to select the songs for you!  The things guys are willing to pay for…


The most memorial and most frightening experience was the time I lost my passport.  I did not realize that I had lost it until I was about to depart for the airport.  I obviously had to extend my trip to get a temporary passport issued.  Sam and Jenner took good care of me, asked Maggie and Tina to accompany me to dinner and shop for essentials.  After returning to my hotel, I realized that I had no more clean socks.  Given that it was already late at night, I asked GG, the only person in our team who was still around, to accompany me to the department store to buy a pair of new socks.  GG would not go and told me to go by myself.  I contemplated on going by myself or ask the door guard to accompany me, then I heard some people out in the hall way speaking the familiar Taiwanese accent Mandarin.  I saw in the hall way a group of about 6 or so, all girls and only one guy, talking about walking to the local department store.  It seemed to be a safe group so I gratefully asked them if I may tag along.  They kindly accepted me and I told them of my awful incident of loosing my passport.  We traded names and traded stories as we walked to the store, bought my socks, and back.  After returning to the hotel, the one guy asked to trade business cards.  So we each went to our rooms to get our cards.  He got his first and came knocking on my door.  Innocent as I was, I told him to come in as I walk to the bag to get my cards.  We traded cards and we started talking.  It was all pleasant until he suddenly reached over and tried to kiss me.  I jumped back and asked in high pitch what was that.  He apologized and kept on telling me that he’s not a bad person, just thought that I grew up from States and so must be very open minded (meaning, a slut) and he just though maybe we could hit it off even though I told him that I was already engaged.  Fortunately (bless the Lord), he obliged my request for him to leave my room.  It was only after he left, I begun to realize what terrible things could have happed and started shaking uncontrollably.  The ever-so-protective Stephen called to ensure that I was ok staying behind on my own and I just started crying upon hearing his voice.  I am blessed that nothing terrible happen, but it was an incident that I will never forget.


Well, I don’t see any reason why I would head back here in the near future, but I will keep it in my memory.  Sam, HK, Johnson, Jenner were among the many who have extended their kindness and protectiveness to me given I had been the only female on most of the trips.  I thank the Lord for sending these people to watch over me.  For now, farewell, Primax China, farewell, Dong-Guang.]]>