Dear Aaron: Be Humble and Grateful

Dear Aaron,

Mommy is starting this column for you, in hope to share with you some of the wisdom I’ve gathered with my age.  Perhaps you will find them intriguing one day, in some distant future.


Be humble and grateful, my dear.  Of the 23 pairs of chromosomes that comprise thousands of genes, some of a single gene went wrong might turn our lives into living hell, such as that of Huntington disease.  Understand how fragile our health and lives are; appreciate the precision of genetic makeup required to make us a normal being.  Be humble that it is by God’s grace that you are who you are.  And be grateful that you are normal.


Every night I go to sleep, thanking God for another ordinary day.  The youth is always looking for excitement and anticipating surprises, dreadful of days stretching on into weeks and months in the sameness.  However, with age (and with children), one learned to appreciate the blessing of ordinary.  Be humble that it is by God’s grace that your hard work yesterday could turn into fruitful accomplishment today.  And be grateful that you can expect tomorrow to be the same as today.

2005/July, Aaron 5 months old