Still Going...

Registrations in baby yoga classes have not picked up as fast as I had hoped. We’ve been having about 4 ~ 5 babies
per class, but we need 10 to break even. I am beginning to feel the financial burden. On top of that, training programs
from UK are not materializing as the trainers have concerns over traveling so far. Just yesterday, I feel like about giving up. I actually discussed with Lay about putting up the studio for take over. However, even while I was having this
conversation, I seem to have heard a little voice whispering that I have not tried hard enough. For one, I haven’t gone
around the post-labor nursery centers to promote baby yoga yet.

Then, today, 5 moms called / emailed to inquire the various baby programs!! This is such an rewarding day.

Dear Lord, I’m reading into it as your sign validating this is what you want me to do. I will hold on for a bit longer, until I
run out of free cash any way~~ till then, I will keep faith and continue praying.]]>