Dear Aaron: "Work Hard, But be Patient"

Who would have thought that yoga class can be inspiring?!  But here I am, writing one of my “Dear Aaron.”

Dear Aaron,

I was told today of this quote and a little story today:
“Life will prosper with hardwork and patience, but patience is more important than hardwork.  When you are working hard, you are result oriented and your mind stops thinking, your heart stops listening, and your eyes stop seeing.  Without patience, your hardworking will loss heat when the result does not happen as you expected.  With patience, you will endure and continue your hardwork with a belief.”
The story goes:
“A young man went searching for gold.  He had hard evidence and proofs that the treasures were hidden in one particular stop in a mountain.  He went traveling for days to reach the exact spot and started digging for the treasure.  He dogged with enthusiasm for 100 feet.  When the treasure was not found, he dogged for another 100 feet half hearted.  When the treasure still was not found, he dogged with lukewarm interest for another feet.  Then dogged one more feet with apathy.  The young man left without the gold.  A few months later, along came an old man who saw the hole.  The old man went ahead and dogged for one half of a foot and found the hidden treasure.
Had the young man dogged with patience, he would have continued digging, supported by all the proofs that he gathered indicating the treasure to be on that spot.
Some of people are born lucky, like the old man.  But most of us need to workhard.  And only with patience, would we persist on our hardwork.”

My baby, I believe the above message is self explanatory enough to hold your own implication when you read it. 

For me, I was almost in tears afterwards.  To me, it is a message from God telling me not to give up just quit yet on my baby yoga and baby aqua business.  I had been rather discouraged in the past few weeks in the difficulty of attracting new students.   With this message, I will continue to work hard.  You be my witness.  When you are old enough to read this posting, you can judge for yourself if my patience and faith are still going.

2008/2/4, Aaron celebrate birthday in shool

"Before & After"

Three candles, three years old

.... where did he learn to make a wish before blowing out the candles???!

extra spices added to that cake...