Aaron 甜言蜜語篇



幾個星期前帶他去參加 Momo 親子台的錄影,其中一首歌是“老爺車”。

有天準備好晚餐,Aaron 突然說:“ mommy,謝謝妳給我食物, 永遠你最棒。”

嗯,moral of the story is  Momo 親子台果然是好節目!!


一天 Aaron 便便完,幫他擦好屁股,幫他洗手時,Aaron 認真的看著我,說:“mommy,你老的時候我也幫妳洗澡,擦屁股。”

頓時我眼睛泛光,覺得夫復何求,有我子如 Aaron,此生足以。


Once I read in a book some words that best put my feelings for my child into words, and here I quote….

“Watching something you love grow is both pleasure and pain.  Each new phase – crawling, walking, talking – brings shouts of pride, but with each comes the mourning of the phase gone past.  Never again the cluck of her chin as she fed on my breast; never again small enough to carry in one arm while I stirred soup or carried turf with the other; never again an infant lying in a muslin-covered basket in the top field while we worked.  The soft down of her scalp, fingers the size of beads, the mysterious whispers before words come: behind the joy in each new talent, I regretted the passing of the last.  I had a secret longing to keep her small and precious and a part of me.”

“Time is impatient to take your child from you.  So you learn that each moment is precious and that life is an inevitable clock.  The pleasure of rearing a child is just a prelude to the pain of letting them go, and I anticipated that with an ache every day of her small life.”

“No matter what wisdom or tricks for happiness you learn, a mother worries every day of her life for her child.  A wise one will pretend to let them go to keep them, but it’s just a sweet and sensible lie.  Motherhood is a sweet, sweet suffering; a joy today that is marked by fear for tomorrow and a craving for yesterday.”

~ By Kate Kerrigan in “Recipes for a Perfect Marriage”


為了慶祝父親節,就讓 Aaron 他爹上上版面,算是給他的爸爸節禮物吧。