Aaron 說...

雖然 proud of 他的 language development,卻也懷念他軟軟的童音。

Aaron 近來迷上恐龍。上完體操課老師給的恐龍拼圖拿回家,總是要上網查它們的名字和吃什麼。聽過後,想到還會和媽咪 review 一下,所以常常有 “媽咪,triceratops 吃什麼” 或 “媽咪,tyrannosaurus 是什麼” 的問題出現在我們的對話中。

昨天準備睡覺了,Aaron 拿著他的 dragon….
Aaron: “mommy, dragon 是什麼?”
Mommy: “Dragon 就是你手上那隻呀。”
Aaron: “不是,我是說 Dragon 是什麼.”
Mommy: “啊 dragon 就是 dragon 啊。”
Aaron: “我是問你 dragon 是什麼。”
Mommy: “就是 dragon  啊,你在問什麼?  Mommy 聽不懂你的問題啦。”
~~~ repeat 了至少 5 次
終於,Aaron: “我是問 dragon 的 food 是什麼!!!”
喔喔喔,懂了~~ dragon “吃”什麼~~

要 Aaron 試著 repeat “吃”和“是”,但他還是講不清楚。
早上要 Aaron repeat 他的問題問爸比,爸比也是“霧傻傻”~~

My little darling, as you start to talk back, which I must say the frequency is getting more and more regular, I will miss this time when your language skill is still somewhat limited.  You still have 2 months to turn 4, yet I can already see the image of you as a teenager.  You have already perfected the skill of “selective hearing” when you don’t feel like chatting with me or obeying my instruction.  Your attitude can sometimes piss me off so much already that I forget you are still a baby in many ways.  Your responses to my disciplining lectures sometimes blank my mind and leave me speechless.

9 月時,在天才寶貝學了“事實”與“觀點”,你竟然在我說我覺得你不乖時,回我說你的觀點和我的不同。



12月,嗯,就今天,你在 7-11 吵阿公買玩具,媽咪說買了就沒聖誕禮物了,你竟然回我說好,然後一臉無所為的樣子。

嗯,開始越來越想把你吊起來打…. Dear lord, please give me patience and learn to appreciate his wits…

2008/12/19 Snacking on cake & milk

2008/12/19 ...still snacking... 是在 "轉大人" 嗎?  食慾超好!