Dilemma – To Interfere or Not to Interfere

Sometimes, thought against my better judgment, it is so difficult to resist my maternity instinct to overprotect.

Brought Aaron to the winter camp at If Theater.  As usual, we were late, and, as usual, Aaron did not want to go in to the classroom.  Since we’ve already had a long chat in the car on the way here, he agreed to give the class a try after the 工作人員姊姊 took some time to convince him. 

He went into the classroom, but would only sit by the wall to watch and refused to join in.  Aaron sat by the wall for the whole first hour.  During the bathroom break, I commented on the games they played. 

In the 2nd hour, the class spent a good 20 minutes on name game.  Aaron still sat outside the circle in the beginning, but he started to warm up.  There were moments that the teacher could have took his hint and brought him into the game, but the teacher let those moments pass.  For example, the kids took turn stood up to say their names, but Aaron refused to participate when it was his change; however, the next game when the teacher would randomly touch the head of a child for the child to stand up and say his or her name, Aaron proactively moved to the circle to sit, then kneeled tall, then half stood, then fully stood.  It was obvious that he wanted to be touched and participate in the game, but the teach just passed by him.  Feeling left out, Aaron then left the circle to sit by the wall again.  Another example, Aaron walked from the wall to the side of the teacher holding his nametag all rolled up for teacher to see, the teacher could have taken his hand holding the name ag and brought him to sit next to her, but she just took the piece of paper and ignored.  Another example, they were playing with different body positions, Aaron was by the wall doing a hand stand with feet on the wall, the teacher could have complimented him for posing a cool position, but the teacher told him not to do so.

This went out throughout the 2nd hour:  Aaron sat by the wall as an outsider -> Aaron gave out settle hints of wanting to participate -> teacher ignored the hint -> Aaron moved back outside the circle to the wall.  During the 2nd bathroom break, I asked him to stop doing the handstand.

In the 3rd hour, they started w/a movie of saving earth.  Aaron participated in the Q&A afterwards, participated in the 垃圾分類 game, but went back to being a 牆頭草 during the dance.  He still danced some, but stood away from the group.

So, this is the first day.  I am wondering if I should let him continue.  Aaron has a performer’s spirit and loves the attention.  I thought he would enjoy taking these types of performing classes, but so far, they have not worked out well.  He started taking dance class, but would sit by the wall in the first half hour in all of 7 classes that he has had, even though he could repeat the games and the dance he learned in class.  Now is this acting class.  Should I just stop whatever classes that he does not seem to participate in the class?  So far, he’s enjoyed 天才寶貝 and gymnastics.  But I am stopping his pre-school because he had resisted in going.  Do I trust my heart that the teachers’ style does not suit him and he somehow feels rejected inside?  Or, do I trust my head that Aaron will need to learn to survive in different environment and learn to deal with different styles of the teachers?

Ah~~ to interfere or not to interfere, ‘tis the question….

Day outing to 八里國小,紙風車臺北縣兒童表演藝術節