Nay-nay Battle

Dear Anakin,

I love to watch you sleeping.

Your pouty lips – and ever so pouty they are – slightly parted

Your long curly eye lashes resting lightly above your round rosy cheeks

Your chubby fingers loosely curled in a trusting and relaxed pose

Your breaths rising and falling evenly and peacefully

… until the shrewd scream cutting across the dead of night at 3am

demanding the night-time nay-nay that I am trying to make you quit

I would hold you, rock you, and sing to you

While you would cry and scream and toss and turn

Off and on, we would drift between sleep and battle

Until the first chip of birds signaling the breaking of day

Though the sky is still dark with only the hint of sun leaking through the clouds

Then I would surrender with a sigh

As you lash yourself to my breast

Ever so content, you would return to the angelic state

Of my dearest little baby