Dear Anakin: Happy 2Y Birthday

2011-11-26, 2:55am

Dear Anakin,

We celebrated your 2YR birthday on Wednesday.

As I opened my eyes early in the morning, I saw your beautiful face smiling at me.  I kissed your pouty lips and whispered “happy birthday, baby.” 

As you sat on the stool outside waiting for me to put your shoes on, I sang “happy birthday DD, happy birthday Anakin, happy birthday dear baby, happy birthday to you.”  You said, “no, happy birthday a-ma,” as it was grandma’s birthday on Monday and you remembered us singing her the birthday song.  It took a few reiterations for you to agree to the idea that today is your birthday, not a-ma’s.

We invited about 15 of your kid friends to your birthday party, held at Energy Bear, your gymnastics class.  Even though you all are still learning the concept of collaborative play and most of the time you all played individually, I think you all had a great time running, jumping, and tumbling. 

You received a number of presents, but most importantly, you received a few bags to diapers to be taken to the orphanage to share the love you have.  I had thought maybe we can leave the non-diaper gifts unopened and give to the children in the orphanage as Christmas gifts.  Unfortunately, Aaron opened them all tonight…

My dear Anakin, you are growing up beautifully.  You are even-tempered and quick to smile.  You are soft and cuddly, yet independent beyond your age.  You often climb up to the kitchen counter yourself to get whatever fruits that catch your attention, and many times mommy only find out when I see the bite marks on the starfruits, the oranges, the pomelos… and find banana peels lying on the floor!

One night a few weeks ago, when we were all in bed getting ready to sleep, you finished your bottled of milk and asked mommy to get some more.  I was already so sleepy and you already finished 200cc, so I told you to get Babi to help, knowing that he was in shower and figuring that would discourage you and hoping that you would just fall asleep waiting.  You got out of bed, went knocking on the bathroom door, then came reporting back to me that “Babi ponpon.”  I told you to wait for Babi and did not bother to steer.  As I slowly drift away, I vaguely heard a soft voice chanting “milk nai-nai, di-di get; milk nai-nai, di-di get…” and the stomp of little feet going down the stairs.  I jumped out of bed and there you were, already at the bottom of the stairs heading to the fridge.  I had a good laugh, my baby, you are just so determined!

And with you getting older, you are getting more and more determined.  If you ask for water or milk in the car and mommy says that I forgot to bring them, you insist on “”. If a-gong take you to pick up Aaron after school but you happen to pass the park on the way, you insist on “.” With food, you insist on “弟弟餵.” With umbrella, you insist on “弟弟拿.” With eggs, you insist on “弟弟煮.” My baby, at age 2, you still have very limited speaking skill, almost a whole year behind Aaron at your age; but, my baby, you certainly get your commands across.

Happy birthday, my dear baby.  I love you.  Even though mommy has not yet completed one single photo book of you, while Aaron already had 5 before he turned one, I love you no less.

2011/11/23 Anakin 2Y Birthday Party at Energy Bear

Anakin 成長回顧~~~