Happy 7 Years Old, Aaron

Dear Aaron,

 You turned 7 this past Saturday!!

We celebrated your birthday with a bowling afternoon with some of your little friends. I know you wanted more people to come, but the date being still on winter break and that Saturday happened to be a makeup working day, we were only able to get 3 families to join us. However, Tong-Tong came all the way from Taichung and spent the night before with us. That made your birthday fun latest over 36 hours!!

You have surprised me lately with how well you take care of and handle Anakin. I am proud of you for being such a wonderful big brother and Anakin is lucky to have you. The way you try to cheer Anakin up when he is upset, the way you sooth him when he is hurt, I can already see that you will grow up to be a loving father with your own children when the time comes.

As of today, at 7 years old, you still choose to sleep with mommy and afraid to sleep by yourself in your own room, but you have managed to come home from school all by yourself. You still ask mommy to peel and take out the seeds for the grapes that you eat, but you can wash yourself and Anakin, including hairs, cleanly. Even though you take unnecessarily long to complete your homework, you do proactively do them right after school without me nagging. I don’t know how other mothers judge their children, but I think you are on your route to independence just fine~

I thank God for watching over you everyday, keeping you safe and healthy. I pray that He will continue to be your guidance, allowing you to retain your innocence. I pray that you will maintain your kindness to others and love for the world.

Dear baby, I know you had a very happy birthday and I am grateful that we can give you such a memory.


2012/02/04 - Aaron 7 YR birthday w/ 寬寬,彤彤,瑄瑄,甯甯 @ 淡水大魯格保齡球館

2012/02/04 - Aaron 7 YR birthday w/ 彤彤,Anakin, 瑄瑄,甯甯, 寬寬 @ 淡水大魯格保齡球館

2012/02/04 - Aaron 7 YR birthday w/ 寬寬,彤彤 @ 淡水大魯格保齡球館

2011/May - Aaron's kindergarten graduation, 康寧托兒所 w/香香老師