Dear Anakin: Happy Big 3

2012-11-26 (Anakin 3Y3D)

Dear Anakin,


Your birthday was on Friday.  Mommy thought long and hard on how to give you a memorable Big 3!  哥哥 is your best friend now, so he has to be
present.  Since you’ve been going to school regularly this year, you don’t remember much of your playgroup friends anymore.  When mommy asked
you who you want to invite to have cake with you, you only mentioned your school friends and
凱凱.  So, a school celebration seems to be what you would like the best.


But what gift to give you?  Being the little one, you don’t have many toys of your own, but you have EVERYTHING and more toys than probably all of your school friends!  You like puzzles, but we already have 4 boxes of puzzles.  You like cars, but we already have a full box of them… last time I
counted it was 43, most of them from uncle Stephen.  You like animal and dinosaur figures, and, again, we have a big box full of them… even figures of animals that you haven’t seen in real life yet and figures of different sizes of the same dinosaur (you usually call them mommy,
哥哥, and 弟弟; and your favorite dinosaur is triceratops). 


We also have drawers and drawers full of learning toys, shelves and shelves full of toddler books.  Among a houseful of books, your favorite ones are the different versions of 孫悟空 (who is called the Monkey King in the western world); and of the toys, your favorite ones are different length of sticks, bars, calendar or gift wrapping papers rolled into a long stick, even the removable legs of plastic chairs and tables that you can connect them into a
long stick, and they all are your various variation of
金箍棒(the notably weapon of the Monkey King that can lengthen, thicken, shrinking, thinning at
his well).


On top of all, you are a wonderful child of preciously little material desire!!

For example, we started trick-or-treating rather late this Halloween and most of the stores were already out of candies.  After plodding down the
street, you only got two candies.  Aaron’s reaction was “
好爛喔,只有兩顆,” but your reaction was “好棒喔, mommy,我有兩顆糖糖耶”!!

And for this Christmas, I have been probing you what you want to ask Santa for.  Your answer had consistently a big balloon.  When we were at the
park one day, you saw a child playing a scooter and commented that you know how to play it too.  I asked if you want to ask Santa for one (which, by the way, was what I had intended to give), but you said “
不用啦,我學校有了,” and proceeded to tell me how fast you can ride it and all.  A few days
later, we had a Christmas party in our community complex and they hired a balloon artist who made you a monkey.  After that, when I try to confirm
with you if you still wanted to ask Santa for a big balloon, you said “
不用了啦,我已經有氣球了。” (By contrast, Aaron asked for a sneakboard, 6
Lego figures, 1 marble firing gun… and I forgot what else).


At the end, we decided to hire a performer to play the role of your favorite character,孫悟空, at your school.  The picture on your cake was, of course, 孫悟空 as well.


Happy big 3, my baby~~

Waiting for Monkey King to come out with anticipation

with Monkey King 哥哥

Cutting cake with Aaron


The Birthday Boy~~~ Love you~~