Dear Aaron: Great Drawing

2013-01-11 (Aaron 7Y11M)


Dear Aaron,


I am so proud of you when you showed me your artworks from this semester. 
They truly look like award winning pieces that are showcased in public!! 

Even though you still said “我覺得我畫得好爛喔,” words that put yourself down, but your eagerness in sharing them with me betrayed your hidden
pride.  =)

Then your enthusiasm in wanting to draw when we got home tells me that you really wanted to show off the skills that you’ve learned!

My dear, I am your mommy, so, by definition, I am the warm in your tummy, or so as the saying goes, and your thoughts cannot escape my ESP~ 
(and I’m still amused by how surprise you are at me knowing every time you sneak behind my back to watch TV).  Well, at least this is still so at age
almost 8.  I hope our closeness will survive your teenage years.

Love you~