Anakin Quote: "那我就沒有媽咪了“

Dear Anakin,


Anakin: "媽咪,等我長大做爸比,你就變老阿嬤了,對不對?“
Anakin: "那這樣我就沒有媽咪了,怎麼辦?"

親愛的寶貝,媽咪永遠都是你的媽咪,就算媽咪 looking down from heaven at 90 歲的你,forever your mommy I will be~

You are such a enthusiastic learner.
At 3Y7M, you can already read the numbers!
Not just reciting them from 0 to 9, but actually read out the random page numbers of the index page on the book!!  With your eager and focused learning attitude, mommy is seriously considering home schooling for you. 

However, this would also mean giving up my baby swimming and baby yoga teaching... sigh.  I know it shouldn't be a dilemma because I gave up my high flying career in business to be Aaron and your full-time mommy.  I started this second career in teaching parent-baby classes to benefit Aaron and you.  But now that this part-time second career is becoming high-flying after 6 years of blessing from God, I'm getting lost in the fame and taste of success.  Remember the quote from devil, "vanity is my favorite sin."  I can almost see him snaring in the dark.  Aiya, my baby, mommy has to be re-rooted to remember what is ultimately important in my life and not be blind by the light of glory. 

Remember my example, my baby.  When you start building your career, remember to always come back and check with your heart.  Make sure your time and energy is spent at what is truly important.