In Memory

Dear Baby,

You came so quietly
and left so silently
I only learned of your unannounced arrival
upon learning of your sudden departure
Were you the little girl that we... 繼續閱讀
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Nay-nay Battle

Dear Anakin,

I love to watch you sleeping.

Your pouty lips – and ever so pouty they are – slightly parted Your long curly eye lashes resting lightly above your round rosy... 繼續閱讀
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閒母日記 - Christmas 2010

一直到 Christmas Eve, Aaron 還是認定 Santa 不會來,雖然心理超希望 Santa 有記得他,度過了一個期待又怕受傷害的 Christmas Eve~
還好 Santa 還是有來,帶了他的禮物,也帶了弟弟的禮物。
Christmas Day, Aaron 一起床,就跑下樓,再衝到媽咪的房間說... 繼續閱讀

Aaron 大明星的第一步

Aaron 的第一支廣告。。。嗯,我的星媽夢有望了~~~ 2010/Oct at 5Y8M]]>
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Dear Aaron & Anakin: Choose the better part

/*-->*/ 2010-08-02   Dear Aaron / Dear Anakin,   I don’t know how much will religion be a part of your life.  But if you ever feel stressed with dilemma on distributing your time between... 繼續閱讀
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閒母日記 - 學校外拍跟拍

Aaron 的學校要拍畢業照,因為畢業生只有四人,為了談得好價錢,在校生也跟著拍了藝術生活照。
那 天外拍,天氣晴朗,孩子開朗,就連我用我的傻瓜相機也捕捉到了幾張有有感覺的 moments.

2010/04/29 - 哥兩好~~ Aaron 和他最喜歡的 Arthur 哥哥 (宮義綾)

2010/04/29 -... 繼續閱讀
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自從 2007 取得國際嬰幼兒按摩講師的證照之後,課開的少少,沒造福到幾個寶寶,因為時間的重心主要都放在寶寶瑜珈和寶寶水中律動。 但,自家寶寶就受益匪淺啦~ 自從 Anakin 出生,在醫院我就開始輕輕的撫觸他。沒事就對他的小手小腳做 Indian Milk, Swedish Milk, Hug and Glide.  小手指、小腳趾也會轉一轉。不知是否因為這樣,他的小手很靈活,還沒滿月,... 繼續閱讀
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Dear Aaron: I love you

/*-->*/ 2010-06-26, 1:29am   Dear Aaron,   You just had a fit from your nightmare. You kicked and screamed and cried and could not be consoled. I held you tight and rocked you, but your... 繼續閱讀
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閒母日記 – 問將的日子

2010-04-16   近來天氣晴時多雲偶陣雨,帶 Anakin 出門開車居多。 通常早上帶 他上課,下課後喝個ㄋㄟ ㄋㄟ,上車就睡了。 就算在家附 近,車程只有 3 分鐘,他 也撐不到家。 但回家抱他 起來,他就起床了。 卻又因沒睡 保,就很鬧,要抱抱,搞得又餓又累的媽我有時到 3、4點還沒吃午餐。   有天,他一 樣在車上睡了,我就順道去外帶個便當,想說回家不用煮,抱著也可以吃。... 繼續閱讀

Dear Anakin: Swim Babay Swim

This is your first appearance on TV.
Footage was filmed on 2010/02/02, when you were 2M9D; aired during Chinese New Year's holiday.
Maybe this is the start of your star career and you... 繼續閱讀