Blog: 四月 2008

Still Going...

Registrations in baby yoga classes have not picked up as fast as I had hoped. We’ve been having about 4 ~ 5 babies
per class, but we need 10 to break even. I am beginning to feel the... 繼續閱讀

Dear Aaron: Be Humble and Grateful

Dear Aaron, Mommy is starting this column for you, in hope to share with you some of the wisdom I’ve gathered with my age.  Perhaps you will find them intriguing one day, in some distant future.  ... 繼續閱讀

愛彌兒 ~從愛開始, 0~3歲親子課程

專為 0 ~ 3 歲規劃的親子課程 內湖教室位於麗湖國小附近,停車方便. 住址為金湖路375號2F,麥味登早餐店樓上.   Baby Signs, 一期六堂課, 45 min 一堂, $3,000/一期
   星期六, 10:00am ~ 10:45am => 5/17 開課
   星期五, 1:00pm ~ 1:45pm   Baby Yoga - Pre-... 繼續閱讀

Class Note – Ups & Downs

Had three new moms came to a trial class in baby yoga.  These moms came from rather far away: Mommy Rene and Baby Ethan from Tao-Yuan, Mommy Joyce and Baby Yun also came from Tao-Yaun, and Baby Patty... 繼續閱讀

Farewell, Primax China

This is my last time to Primax China.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I will miss it, but I do feel a bit of the sentiment.  Afterall, 8 years is a very long time, and I survived 3 factory heads... 繼續閱讀


說是離職了,還是被再留兩個星期,還被坳了來大陸出差4天. 昨晚11:30,還在工廠和 team review, 如火如突. 手機在旁響起,隨手接起,只聽大哭一聲~~哇,我要媽咪. 聽那好傷心好傷心的聲音,我眼淚都掉出來了. 走出會議室一邊哄,一邊掉眼淚,一邊強忍著聲音,不能讓寶寶聽到媽咪也在哭哭呀.   親愛的Aaron, 媽咪也好想你喔! 有一天你會長大,會離開媽咪.... 繼續閱讀